Kaisar Lidfard (カイザル・リドファルド Kaizaru Ridofarudo?) is one of the main characters of Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis anime series. Kaisar is a noble by birth, he, is obliged to make his living as a bounty hunter. He, for some reason, wants to take his revenge upon Favaro Leone.

Appearance Edit

Kaisar Lidfard visual

Kaisar is a very tall man usually holding a knight's pose, with white pants, a green shirt with white stripes and golden buttons, and a dark green vest hung over it, and green arm covers with golden stripes on the wrists. He has his knight's sword sheathed in a navy blue sheath on his left side at all times. At times he's seen in gray knight's armor; even when he takes the armor off he keeps the leggins of the armor on him, seen by the gray armor on the front of his legs and feet.  

Personality Edit

Kaisar is a righteous man with a strong sense of honor. He constantly follow his own ideal of justice and is shown to be very empathetic and compassionate, as seen during his meeting with Rita. Because of his tragic past as a rebellious son who was distant from his family, Kaisar now highly values family and abhors other people who take their family for granted. He seems to have a crush on Amira.


Kaisar was the young heir of the prestigious Lidfard family, a noble family of knights. From his childhood he was trained by his strict father to become one day a valorous knight like his ancestors and bring honor to the noble Lidfard family. Having rarely a moment of relax, an exhausted young Kaisar started to loath his father and often stayed away from home. One day, when his father was tasked with guarding a tribute to the king, an incident occurred, the bandits ambushed his unit and stole the tribute. Having led the knights, Kaisar's father was held responsible for the stolen tribute, and after being publicly humiliated he was hanged in front of a shocked Kaisar. After this incident the prestigious Lidfard family was instantly stripped of its noble status and banished to the lower quarter like criminals. After they lost everything Kaisar's mother wept every day until half a year later she cast herself into a lake. Finally realizing how much he loved his family just after losing it and burning with revenge Kaisar decided that he would track down and punish the man behind the incident that ruined his family: Favaro Leone.


Power & Abilities Edit

Coming form a prestigious family of knights Kaisar is a skilled swordman that practiced swordsmanship from very young age. His slashes are quick and precise making him particularly dangerous for his foes.

Trivia Edit

  • Bacchus calls Kaisar "Hammer Head" because of his hairstyle.
  • Being all that remained of his family's fortune, Kaisar deeply cares for his female white horse named "Barina Chall Lidfard".