Favaro Leone (ファバロ・レオーネ Fabaro Reōne?) is the main male protagonist of Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis anime series. Favaro is a bounty hunter who makes a living with women, money, and wine.

He is constantly pursued by Kaisar Lidfard that after meeting Amira ends up traveling with her in her quest to meet her mother.


Favaro Leone visual

Favaro is a young man with an orange hair stilled into an afro, and green eyes. He has a large X-shaped scar on his face. He wears a rather sparse armor consisting of left pauldron, plate on his left elbow, plates on both of his knees and plated boots. He also wears a bounty hunter bracer but destroys it later on. After "forging" a contract with Amira, Favaro gains a demonic tail, which seems possible to change size. After the liberation of Bahamut, his hairstyle slightly changes and he gains red eyes, signifying his change from human to full-fledged demon. These changes are reversed when he is healed by Kaisar. After he kills Bahamut, his right leg is torn away by the blast. Six months after the events of the series, Favaro is shown to have grown a goatee and has a mechanic right leg in the place of one blown away by the death of Bahamut. He also loses his demonic tail.


He is somewhat of a self-proclaimed ladies man and he claims that he only watches out for himself. He doesn't like to be responsible for others. This is noted when he told his father's old friend that he had no interest in being his father's heir in leading the bandits. He loves the freedom to do what he wants when he wants. Deep down, though, he actually cares for his friends, facing danger if it means that he could save them. He also is a deceitful liar. He lies in order to get out of tough situations or to make his enemies lower their guard. Despite being a chronic liar Favaro is practically unable to maintain a serious facial expression after being asked if he's lying.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Favaro is a skilled warrior that mainly uses his dagger for fighting but he will use his crossbow for enemies that are out of his reach.

  • Swordsman: Favaro's weapon of choice is his long dagger which he wields in either regular or reverse grip. Despite his dagger being only about long as his forearm, he can utilize it in many combat situations, even when fighting opponents with much larger weapons. He is also capable of using standard sized longswords, as well as makeshift scimitar. He also has some minor skill in wielding morningstar mace.
  • Marksman: Favaro has demonstrated great proficiency with his repeating crossbow. He was able to successfully shoot-sever the ropes with it, as well as hitting relatively small targets, with noticeable accuracy from moderate distances.
  • Acrobatics: Favaro possesses high acrobatic abilities, evident in him being able not just walk, but also run and fight on a horizontally tied rope on a ship. He is also capable of preforming several difficult flips and spins on a said rope.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Favaro appears to be greatly skilled in unarmed combat, as he was able to swiftly subdue a pair of bandits with nothing but his bare hands.
  • Highly Perceptive Combatant: Favaro will more than often win his fights with wits rather than brute force; he watered the ground with liquor in order to combat the pyrokinetic abilities of demons that Garth summoned to kill him, and get them to kill themselves. He later displays his wits by tricking Martinet into thinking he was fighting for him, only to turn him into a bounty tablet.

Equipment Edit

  • Bounty Hunter's Bracer : A symbol showing his contract with the God Bacchus and enabling him to hunt down criminals without the authorities to apprehend him. Also, Bacchus mentions that if one was to remove the bracer (with his knowledge) they could never again be bounty hunters.
  • Dagger: Favaro's weapon of choice: dual edged dagger, about the length of his forearm, with L-shaped guard, wrapped hilt, and what appears to be a watch in a place of pommel. Dagger is destroyed by Kaisar, but Favaro replaces it with the Fragment of Bahamut, and the original blade seems to be reforged after the timeskip.
  • Crossbow: Favaro's favored weapon for long-distance combat. One handed, collapsable repeatable crossbow, with a drum that can hold up to six bolts.
  • Fragment of Bahamut: The fragment looks like a claw.It was stuck in the scales of an omnipresent dragon who watched over the world for eternity. Both Kaisar and Amira in her Demonic Form tried to pull it out with little success. However to the surprise of both of them, Favaro was able to pull it out. Favaro later attached it to the hilt of his dagger to replace the blade that Kaisar destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • Bacchus calls Favaro "Bomber Head" for his large afro, while Amira calls him "Fava".