Amira (アーミラ Āmira?) is the main female protagonist of Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis anime series. She is a mysterious woman who fell from the sky. She, by all means, wants to reach the northern land called Helheim.

Appearance Edit

Amira visual normal

Amira is a very tall young woman with pale skin, long, flowing, pink hair tied in two ponytails in the back. She wears a long, tan shirt with a maroon and red vest hovering it, with a white shirt beneath both of them and a black vest above it. She wears white and beige shorts, held up with a black belt, and two long, thick, brown boots on her feet, both that have one black patch running across the top edge.


Amira acts in a very childish way and often cause a ruckus. She was created about 5 years ago but the demons sped up her growth and that is possibly why she acts very childish. She also has a great craving for food as she is seen thinking of Hamsa as food.


Amira is first seen after crashing naked on a bandits cart near Wytearp town. She comments that her compass is broken and can't get to Helheim. Later on in Wytearp she overhears Favaro boasting about knowing a shortcut to Helheim. Just as she requests his help, the bandit Ghos arrives to avenge his brother. Amira transforms into her demon form to aid Favaro in defeating Ghos' summon.

As an insurance measure, Amira places a spell on Favaro to give him the appearance of having a demon tail, causing many of the locals to fear and hunt him down. Favaro plots several times to kill Amira but fails. After a night out drinking, Amira reveals that she wants to go to Helheim to find her mother, who gave her the red pendant she wears. That same night she meets Kaisar (who is after Favaro) who falls for her. Later on it is shown that one of the knights in pursuit of Amira has a red pendant identical to hers.

After boarding a ship to Helheim in Ysmenport, Amira and Kaisar are abducted by demons. Under Azazel's watch Amira is tortured for information about the God Key. Azazel also reveals her "crime" to Kaisar, much to his horror. They manage to escape when Jeanne d'Arc's knights ambush Azazel's fortress, and Amira unleashes a force that knocks Azazel to the ground.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Endurance: Being an angel-demon hybrid, Amira possesses great physical endurance, being able to survive literally falling from Heaven and crashing into a wagon without even a slightest scratch.
  • Enhanced Strength: Being an angel-demon hybrid, Amira possesses great physical strength. She was able to smash through a half dozen planks on the rope bridge with but a nonchalant stomp of her left foot.
  • Wings: Despite having only one wing left, Amira can still use it: it permits her to suspend, or at least slow down her falls for a short period of time, while carrying a person of Favaro's weight. By merely unfolding her wing, Amira can cause a moderately strong gust of wind. In her demonic form, the wing is constantly present, and in her human form, she can manifest it at will
  • Demonic Form: While normally posing as a mere human being, Amira can enter a physical state that reveals her true form: in her Demonic Form, Amira's hair gains in length and she grows a single pair of flat horns that curve three times in a zigzag pattern. Any apparel she wears will transform into what appears to be a sparse, light-colored armor. Most of her skin becomes albino pale, with the exception of her arms down from shoulders, and legs down her upper thighs, which darken into black. Her nails grow to the point where they resemble claws, and she grows a demonic tail roughly the length of her arm. Her eyes also change, gaining an additional light ring withing her irides, while her pupils narrow down into a narrow ellipsoids.
    • Enhanced Agility: In this form, Amira's agility is increased to the point where she can cover great distances with but a leap.
    • Further Enhanced Strength: In this form, Amira's already impressive physical strength is increased dramatically. She was able to completely stop a punch from a giant demon with her index finger without even twitching, and than subdue that demon by merely yanking her index finger. She was able to kick creatures several times her size great distances on several occasion.
  • Angelic Powers: Although few, Amira possesses some angelic traits inherited from her mother
    • Hallowed Ground Immunity: She was able to step in Heaven, which is, according to Michael, impossible for any infernal being
    • Angelic Lore Knowledge: She was aware of an incantation necessary to obtain God's Key.
    • Anti-Demonic Spell Immunity: Despite being only half angel, Amira possesses almost complete immunity to anti-demonic spells: a spell preformed by 6 men was so intense, it shocked her to the point her bones became visible through her flesh, but it did nothing more to her than to "tickle her".
    • Imperceptibility: Amira's presence can't normally be discovered by gems inside Bounty Hunter's Bracers.

Trivia Edit

  • Amira is the Arabic word meaning "princess".
  • Possibly due to her celestial/infernal origin, Amira has a tremendous tolerance for alcohol, being capable of drinking several liters of red wine without getting drunk. However, she can get intoxicated with but a sip, but that intoxication wears of very fast.